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Invenzioni e Modelli d'Ut. di Paolo Pegoraro, brevettati dal 1972  
Yufhufhù! the last invention created by Paolo Pegoraro





I am the inventor Paolo Pegoraro (short biography) and in this site i am presenting my inventions and utility models patented from 1972. The registered patents are few compared to over 1,000 (one thousand) ideas stored in a catalog where stand out 46 genuine inventions avant-gardist. Unfortunately if my life as an inventor will continue to be unfortunate, as it has been to date, these ideas will be destined to remain unknown. The cause of this poor registration of patents is mainly due to economic difficulties which i do not have granted to compete with the industrial giants, retesting unscrupulous when it comes to doing business. Every time i faced this issue, i remember the poor Meucci, that has become a symbol for us autonomous inventors, that we are conditioned by scarce economic resources.. And it is precisely in order to explain the difficulties encountered by independent inventors, of which i am an exponent, which i wrote the article Poor Inventor.


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Yufhufhù! Patent for Invention 


The invention is an electrical connection, made for keyboards with some keys, which are pressed alone and in all their combinations, allow you to activate a series of exponential functions with respect to the number of buttons used ...

This invention was born observing the incomprehensible gesture communication of deaf people and thinking about what to do to get them to interact verbally with everyone ...


Electrical and electronic industry. Switches, dip-switches, contacts, keys and electric keyboards. More info: guinness@venetieventi.it




Verbindustrial invention


Verbal Dactyl-phonic Scheme to speak with the phonic keyboard Yufhufhu! The keyboard futuristic.

Linguistic Sector. dattilo voice, typing, aids for disabled persons. More info: guinness@venetieventi.it




Musical Dactyl-phonic Scheme industrial invention


Musical Dactyl-phonic Scheme to play with the musical keyboard Yufhufhu! The keyboard futuristic.

Field music. keyboards phonic, synths, pianos and pianolas electrical. More info:






1988, 1990, 1991 WAVE WALKER

Water-Ski amphibians for human propulsion generated by the action of normal walk. More info: guinness@venetieventi.it





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 Invenzioni e Modelli d'Ut. di Paolo Pegoraro, brevettati dal 1972



Paolo Pegoraro (San Vito di Altivole, Treviso)

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